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Sundance spa outdoor rooms

One of today’s hottest design trends is the “outdoor room,” a relaxed environment for private enjoyment or casual entertaining.

As a private and a social extension of the home, a spa-centered “living room” brings the indoors outside.

Who doesn’t dream of a backyard where they can relax, enjoy family time, or invite guests for a barbecue and spa party?

You can have just that, with a little planning, and Sundance.


Apply the five basics of interior design to your outdoor room:

  • Floor coverings (what goes under the spa and around it: decks, hardscape, lawns and gardens)
  • Wall décor (screens, trellises, hanging plants, a gazebo)
  • Lighting (soft, colorful lighting from your Sundance is one source)
  • Furnishings (patio table and chairs, planters)
  • Accessories (spa steps, bar and stools, stereo, barbeque)

Sundance gives you a wide choice of colors and styles for your spa – plus great options and accessories. Have fun putting together the perfect spa plan for your backyard!


Step one

  • Identify the area for your outdoor room.
  • Your spa plan should include a solid foundation for the spa and an electrical outlet.


Step two

  • Measure the area, including space for decking, plants, trees, paths, etc.
  • You can find the sizes and specifications for all of our spa online.


Step three

  • Enjoy. This outdoor room, sheltered from the wind and surrounded by natural beauty.
  • Includes a dining area as well as a Sundance Spas spa.

Three steps to a sundance spa

Free from the restrictions of the walls, doors and windows inside the house, you can make an outdoor room as sophisticated or as rustic as you like.

  • Plan a four-seasons outdoor room around your Sundance spa – more versatile than a summers- only pool.
  • Keep it simple: think about colorful indoor/outdoor fabrics and furnishings; an attractive, easy-to-install gazebo; natural stone and wood; and plantings.
  • Create a leafy, natural retreat around your spa, for privacy and beauty.

You don’t necessarily need professional landscapers to create the perfect place to enjoy your spa. Sundance Spas can help you design a spa pool plan with a luxurious, built-in look.

For example, you might be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to install a spa half-in, half-out of the ground, using stone, brick or wood decking and attractive foliage to finish the “room.”


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