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Sundance Spas leads the industry in the design and development of acrylic hydrotherapy spa pools.


Hydrotherapy Spas

Sundance® Spas leads the industry in the design and development of acrylic hydrotherapy spa pools.

Sundance® Spas creates the best NZ spa pool experience for you and your family. High-quality hydrotherapy spa pools built to provide relaxation and family entertainment is what Sundance® Spas is known for. Our long history of delivering on style and durability is one of the many reasons our hot tubs and spa pools are so popular.

Plus, the shell, cabinetry, and stereo and remote control options can be customised in our spa pools creating a space that is perfect for you and your family. We’ve channelled over 40 years of craftsmanship into our hydrotherapy spa pools to help you create a relaxation oasis. Our powerful spa jets deliver effective hydromassage and water circulation.

Our LED lighting systems save energy and energy costs while illuminating your hot tub to stunning effect. Ergonomic seating throughout every model allows for increased comfort, whether you’re soaking alone or with friends. Not to mention the little things: Spa covers provide protection, superior heat retention and help maintain the cleanliness of your water.

Hydrotherapy Health Benefits

Experience the benefits of a healthy life with Sundance Spas...

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Spa Pool Features

Personalize your Sundance spa pool, from the spa colour to the spa cover...

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Energy Efficient Spa Pools

Conserve heat and keep water clean for more efficient operation...

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Backyard Life with Outdoor Spas

Create an inviting, comfortable space for entertainment or quiet relaxation...

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Spa Pool Accessories

Personalise your Sundance spa pool, from the colour to the cover...

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Spa Pool Deals

We have a range of model and colour options available...

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