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Clearray™ water purification system.

Our CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System delivers the clearest, cleanest water through UV-C technology.

Over 99% of pathogens are destroyed with this cutting-edge feature, all without inundating your water with further chemicals, gases, or other byproducts that can irritate your skin and eyes.

In our laboratory testing, we found that our system reduced the amount of sanitizer needed by 50%. This is good news if you’re allergic to chlorine or bromine in your water sanitizer, of if you’re looking for the simplest, most efficient way to keep your tub hygienic without added maintenance.

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Since 2012, our signature CLEARRAY™ system has been installed in our products, keeping your spa cleaner and your life simpler. Even if your spa is older, you can still enjoy this level of improved performance and sanitation.

Spa manufactured as far back as 2006 can be retrofitted with our CLEARRAY™ aftermarket kit.

Convenient to install, CLEARRAY™ replacement bulbs are also available to maintain the performance of your water purification system. You’ll be able to keep your spa cleaner and enjoy the clear, pure water for years to come.

Clearray® water purification system technology

The CLEARRAY® system uses UV-C technology to neutralize 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and does not introduce gases, chemicals, or other byproducts into the spa water.

CLEARRAY® will also reduce the amount of sanitizer you use in your spa*, which means less skin irritation and eye irritation for bathers from chlorine- or bromine-based products.

No more drying out, no more red-eye. New for 2012, the CLEARRAY® Water Purification System is standard on all Sundance® Spa models. (If you have an older spa but want the newest technology in the water purification category, you’ll want to purchase the CLEARRAY® aftermarket kit. Retrofittable to 2006 models.)

Clearray® replacement blub

An annual bulb replacement is required with CLEARRAY® Water Purification System to maintain optimum performance.
Watch this video to learn how to change the CLEARRAY®.


  • No more skin irritation
  • No more red eyes
  • No more drying out
  • UV-C Technology


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